Inspiration and Education presentations

I offer presentations full of Inspiration and Education for any organisation who need a speaker for an event. My presentation are presented around a photography perspective.

Thank you Scott Fowler for treating us to a very entertaining and informative presentation.  There was not one drooping eyelid to be seen in the audience!

Scott emphasised that we should be confident in our photography, ignore out inhibitions by curing our disease of adultism (the inability to listen to the child within us), get to know our equipment and practice every day.

Scott quoted Sir Winston Churchill "Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Photography is the outward expression of inner significance.  It is about expressing your soul in your imagery. It is about Practice.It is about Making Better Images. It is about being true to yourself. It is about being creative. It is about learning. It is about trying. It is about failures. It is about trying again and again. It is about who you are. It is about you having fun. It is about ideas. It is about whatever you want it to be.

Did you know that JPEG does not mean "Joint Photographic Experts Group"?  It actually means (according to Scott) "Just Pray Everything's Good"- Di Schofield, Belmont 16s camera club, Australia.